The Arbitration Board for Labour Market Insurances decides disputes concerning AFA insurance, adjustment insurance and SAF-LO contractual pensions.

We resolve disputes through arbitration which cannot be appealed.
This procedure is an alternative to review in a court and is done in accordance with the Arbitration Act and collective agreements between Svenskt Näringsliv, LO and PTK.

You appeal against a decision by sending a letter to us where it is clearly stated what decision you want to have reviewed. You must state your full name, address and personal identity number. We also want to know which trade union you belong to if you are a member of a trade union organisation. A request for arbitration must be signed by you or your legal representative if you have one. If you have engaged a legal representative, you must enclose a power of attorney where this is stated. Depending on when your claim occurred, you must also pay an application fee to us.

The Tribunal for Labour Market Insurance does not obtain any documents. It is up to the parties to submit all the materials they find are of relevance and which they want to be considered in the assessment.

The procedure is normally entirely in writing and is decided without you or the opposing party being present. Arbitration is normally announced within 12-18 months depending on the complexity of the case.

We want to emphasise particularly that all administration and communication linked to the case is in Swedish.